Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Home learning challenge merit #5

Today I switched our living room from this

To this 

I used the care value active thinking in this challenge
because I used my thinking to change my living room

home learning challenge #4

Today i did 10 things without being asked around the house
1. walk the dog
2.wash the dishes 
3.clean my room
4.clean the bath
6.give my dog food
7.wash my dog
8.water the plants
9.organise shoes
10.clean desk
In this home learnin challenge I used the care value respect

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

must do merit #5

Today I did Peer Mediation with Amber because I usually do it on second half Friday but the countdown to no badges ends on Wednesday. when it was time to do our duty we went to the the class room to get our jackets but the fist half peer mediators did do there duty so we did the duty without our jackets . We went around asking if every one was OK and everyone seemed fine.I used the care value excellence by continuing to do my duty even thought I didn't have my Peer Mediation jacket.

Friday, 24 November 2017

home learning challenge #3

This year I completed the 40 book challenge . I finished it in two terms with 20 books per term . I enjoyed doing this challenge because I don't usually read a lot of genres . In this challenge I used the care value exellence.

must do merit #4

Today I did peer mediation. When it was second half I went to out hub to check if there were vest there .But thus week there were no vests so i went around to look for a teacher but there still wasn't any so I eventually found one but he did not have any keys on him so i found another teacher and she had her keys so I did peer mediation for the last 10 mins of lunch. I used the care value excellence by trying my best to do my duty.

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

must do merit #3

last last week i couldn't do peer mediation cause the people who did first half didn't do it and my peer mediation partners weren't there so i couldn't do any thing . i used the care value active thinking by looking for a teacher but unfortunately I didn't .

can do merit #5

today I went to garden club. at garden club we planted lots of plants by getting a bucket and putting compost in the bucket and putting the plant in the bucket . I showed the care value community by helping.