Friday, 28 July 2017

can do merit #3

on the bus to tech

yesterday we went to tech . the bus wasn't so noisy but there were some people in the back who were causing most of the noise.i showed the bus expectations by always sitting down ,talking to the person next to me and not eating. when we arrived at tech i went strait to wood

i showed the care value excellent by doing as expected

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Term 2 book review

The book I am reviewing is Percy Jackson and the battle of the labyrinth . This book is based on Greek mythology and has lots of fascinating creatures . This book is about a demigod named Percy  trying to stop ex friend/enemy from invading the camp which is the only place demigods are safe and trained to kill monsters .But his enemy Luke has found a way to the camp through an old labyrinth that was made to imprison a legendary Minotaur. The creator of the labyrinth is an inventor Daedalus who has a string that can lead you in the labyrinth . Percy and his friend Annabeth to find the inventor Daedalus and warn him about Luke before its too late.